Parish Letter

JUNE 2021

Hello everyone,

Isn’t it wonderful how varied we all are! God really does create marvellous and wonderful living things and we are so lucky to be in this beautiful world. I would of course prefer to be the perfect creature but have long since realised that actually variety is part of the great gifts that God gives us and in His eyes I am perfect as I am, we all are. We are perfect in our infinite variety and we are not expected to be the same as anyone else. We as humans love to compare. We compare other people with each other. She/he is much better looking, much more clever, less capable, more annoying… whatever the comparison we all do it all the time. Children with siblings in the same school are well used to the teachers who say ‘You are/are not like your brother/sister’. The reply if the child was brave enough should of course be “Why should I be like anyone else?”

Church communities are the same. We are all very varied and different. Sometimes we think that because we are Anglican all our churches are the same. They are really distinctive and different and that is one of the great joys of being Anglican. Let’s celebrate it and enjoy it whilst also working together to become a really strong benefice.

Sometimes people say that they would prefer not to receive communion and we naturally abide by their choices. If it happens a few times with a regular church attender I am likely to ask what the problem is. I have recently discovered that some people are turning away from communion because they are gluten intolerant. This is such a shame. We have gluten free wafers and it is absolutely alright to ask for a gluten free wafer in church. I do need to know who the gluten free person is though, because otherwise I end up going around the whole congregation saying ‘Are you the gluten free?’. Please do feel free to ask for any special requirements to be met – like gluten free or bringing communion to you in your pew. It is particularly helpful to let me know that you are the person needing the special wafer or waving at me if I am looking for who I have been asked to bring communion out to in the pew.

I love being here with you and it is such a joy to celebrate our differences as well as those things we have in common. I look forward to meeting you all properly and having lovely long chats over tea and cakes in the future. Looking forward to the easing of restrictions! Please do join our Fellowship Group if you are able to Zoom and if not then let us know that you would like to meet in person when we are able to organise it!

May God bless and keep you all.

Reverend Suzy

01423 772638 (please call between 9am and 9pm)