Parish Letter


I am sure you are going to enjoy browsing through the parish magazine for the month of March. Many will be surprised that I have been re-engaged to once again deliver this splendid introductory piece—outrageous, unbelievable even! I know that the flood of warm praise and the positive, even occasionally rapturous reviews I received for my debut piece (copies
available if you missed out initially) would ensure my recall at whatever cost—so there! That reminds me I must chat to my accountant about that tax haven I’ve read about.

I sit here now in my creative space leaning on my reclaimed kitchen table and slouching on my kitchen stool (three legs, one short—seriously wobbly!) It’s mid-February, storm Ciara has blown off, it’s freezing outside but no worries I’ll be saying ‘Hi’ to storm Dennis tomorrow—I love variety! My usual quality flow from pen to paper is stuttering and at best you can say my mood is mardy.

But wait, it’s time to show some positivity to my many fans. Why, only a couple of days ago I was strolling along the edge of the Stray in the sunshine and I was lucky as the tide was out. I spotted a host of early spring flowers about to burst into view and they need water do they not? Also heavy rain crushing into church roofs at high speed highlight the position of many leaks we did not know existed which allows us to pay money to get them fixed. So no more grumbles about our spectacular weather—it’s useful, let’s learn to love it!

March in the church calendar lies within Lent which begins at Ash Wednesday and takes us through to the Easter weekend. It is a period when Christians might be quieter and more thoughtful as they prepare for Easter. They also may be more generous to others and be
prepared to give up things throughout Lent which they would otherwise enjoy.

To finish, I can suggest some things I may give up myself:
Start to say 3 nice things to spouse daily
No eating after dinner
Don’t eat out for 40 days
Give up your favourite drink
Replace 30 minutes TV with prayer or reflection daily

Robbie Walker

Merciful Lord,
Grant your people grace to withstand the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil, and with pure hearts and minds to follow you, the only God: through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Post Communion – Third Sunday of Lent