Parish Letter


Dear All,

Last month, in the Diocesan News, the key points of the new Diocesan Strategy, Maturing in Christ, were introduced.  Just as a reminder, the five main points are summarised as follows:

1 Thriving as a distinctive diocese whose culture is shaped by a shared vision and values.

2 Reimagining ministry to promote clergy and laity working confidently in fruitful relationships.

3 Nurturing lay discipleship.

4 Building leadership pathways to continuously develop lay and ordained leaders.

5 Growing young people as Christians.

As part of the Diocese of Leeds, we work at a local level in our churches to support and uphold this Strategy by our participation.

In the Benefice, we have been looking to our lay leadership and discipleship by encouraging lay ministries and offering appropriate training for those who feel called to particular paths.  Discipleship, a way of describing our own way of following Jesus Christ, just as the early disciples did, is lived out in our worship, personal prayer, study, commitment, and through what we do in our communities.  We continue to build upon the work already in place with our schools and young people, by my own input and presence, and by the significant contribution of the Open the Book Team, those who go into school to help as part of their own Christian discipleship, and also by the way our relationships with our schools are deepening as we seek to continue to look towards Church growth in three ways through our Benefice Vision (copies of the Vision leaflet are available at the back of Church).  The vision values can be summarised as numerical (more people), spiritual (deepening our own Christian spirituality) and missional (sharing God’s love and good news of Jesus with those around us).

If you have any suggestions as to how we might enhance and build upon our current initiatives, in line with the Diocesan Strategy, please email me at the above address – we are always looking for new ways to share God’s love in the world around us.

With every blessing,


Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Matthew 28.19